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Classical Conversations of Grand Junction
Homeschool Genre

Classical Conversations of Grand Junction desires to know God and make Him known by equipping parents and encouraging students. The classical tools are combined with a Biblical worldview in weekly classical, Christian communities, and a free event called the Parent Practicum, held every summer, refreshes, energizes and equips all parents called to homeschool.


After an opening assembly of the whole community, 4-12 year old students divide into Foundations classes under the guidance of paid, trained parent tutors. Other parents remain in class with their children, participating in the classical model. After a lunch break, younger children are excused while ages 9-12 enjoy diving into Essentials, a deep, rich study of English grammar and the arts of language, for an additional 2 hours. On the other days of the week, parents take home and teach the material that has been introduced, scaling it to their own children’s learning styles and abilities, and adding the math and language arts programs of their choosing.

Middle school and high school age students are often on the same campus in Challenge, where parents are welcome but not required to attend, and independently complete challenging course work and small group activities under the guidance of a parent tutor. Each level progresses through math, Latin, science, and literature with additional seminars which include economics, history, philosophy, theology, logic, and drama. Courses were developed in order to cultivate skills in speaking, logical thinking, debate, persuasive writing, conducting science labs and writing lab reports. Students participate in challenging projects together such as Mock Trial, Team Policy Debate, Science Fair, Speech Events, economics projects, and much more.


Classical Conversations of Grand Junction meets August through April for 24 weeks with breaks. Days and locations are TBA and based on enrollment.


  • Foundations: Foundations Guide from Classical Conversations.

  • Essentials: Essentials of the English Language from Classical Conversations and Teaching Writing: Structure and Style from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

  • Challenge: Challenge Guide from Classical Conversations plus various texts.

Varies with program and number of children in family, and can be offset by tutoring. Tuition is under $14/week for Foundations and Essentials, less than $43/week for the comprehensive Challenge program. Registration and Supplies, Lab Fees and Facility Fees vary. Contact below for details.


Openings for students and parent tutors. Attend an Information Meeting to find out more!

Contact Person 1
Wendy Massey
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Deep Valley Homes
Homeschool Genre
Short Description
home remodel and repair

For all your home remodel and repair needs.

Reliable, quality work you can count on.

Mesa County
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Paul Holden
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