Colorado Law requires that “Each child participating in a nonpublic home-based educational program shall be evaluated when such child reaches grades three, five, seven, nine, and eleven. Each child shall be given a nationally standardized achievement test to evaluate the child’s academic progress, or a qualified person shall evaluate the child’s academic progress.”

Colorado Law further requires that “The test or evaluation results, whichever is appropriate, shall be submitted to the school district that received the notification… [of your intent to homeschool] …or an independent or parochial school within the state of Colorado. If the test or evaluation results are submitted to an independent or parochial school, the name of such school shall be provided to the school district that received the notification…” CRS § 22-33-104.5(3)(f)

It is your responsibility to understand the law and to comply with its requirements. The paragraphs above cover the essence of the law, but you may find our Colorado Law page helpful.

SPICE does not provide testing at this time. However we do have some links on our links page that give some testing options.