SPICE Homeschool
Curriculum Fair 2016

SPICE Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2016

The SPICE Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2016 will include a used curriculum sale, a free book swap, vendor talks/tables, and young entrepreneur tables. There is no need for SPICE affiliation to participate and there is no entrance fee.

homeschool curriculum booksThe SPICE Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2016 will be held at Monument View Bible Church in Fruita on June 10, 2016.

8:00 am to 9:00 am ——-Arrival and Set Up
9:00 am to 12:00 pm —– Sale Hours
12:00 pm to 12:45pm ——— Cleanup

  • Used Curriculum for Sale
  • Vendors
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Hearing Screens
  • Give Aways
  • Goodie Bags for the First 50 Families

Vendor Schedule

  Main Room
Time Vendor
9:00 Operation Christmas Child
9:20 Alpha Omega Institute (also Speaks at 11:00 in the Side Room)
9:40 Speech and Debate Club (also Speaks at 11:20 in the Side Room)
10:00 Western Slope Bible Quizzing
10:20 Classical Conversations
10:40 Forbes family
11:00 Mentor the Future
11:20 Dr. Dan Science (also Speaks at 9:20 in the Side Room)
Side Room
Time Vendor
9:00 Refit with Bethany
9:20 Dr. Dan Science (also Speaks at 11:20 in the Main Room)
9:40 Bella Vita Farm & Grand Valley Permaculture Group
10:00 Homeschool Curriculum Library
10:20 Scholarly Words, Inspired Minds
10:40 Queendom Quirks
11:00 Alpha Omega Institute (also Speaks at 9:20 in the Main Room)
11:20 Speech and Debate Club (also Speaks at 9:40 in the Main Room)

The SPICE Curriculum Fair 2016 Vendors who will have a table and/or a time to talk about what they have to offer your family. Please plan on coming out to find out more about what they have to offer:

  • Operation Christmas Child
    • We would like to share more about what God is doing with Samaritan’s Purse/ Operation Christmas Child-Shoeboxes! with a short video, ways to participate(pack/save) year-round,
  • Speech and Debate Club
    • What is the Speech and Debate Club? How does it work and what are the advantages of having your child in Speech and Debate?
  • Learn through Treasure Hunting
    • Learning through treasure hunting. I will describe how I have begun a treasure hunting club for my students. All of us learn through exploration and discovery, especially children. Concepts in learning of how magnetism and electricity work, the history and economy of an area, as well as just getting outside and getting exercise are some of the benefits.
  • REFIT®with Bethany
    • Looking for fun family fitness to add to your homeschool week? REFIT is a revolutionary fitness experience centered on building community through faith infused dance fitness, it\’s perfect for ALL ages and abilities!
  • Dr. Dan Science
    • You CAN home school Through High School! Discover fun, hands-on, interactive science the way YOU want it! Reach your child with new ways to learn and remember. Prepare them for life, apologetics, vocations, missions and/or college!
  • Alpha Omega Institute
    • This talk will cover the importance of the Creation/Evolution debate and how the Christian Creationist perspective makes the most sense given the evidence all around us. From this talk, listeners will learn tips to be able to better make a defense for the Christian faith and be strengthened in their own understanding of God.
  • Classical Conversations
    • Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.
  • Homeschool Curriculum Library
    •   Information about the Homeschool Curriculum Library. What is it? How can it be accessed? How can people help? What goals is the HCL trying to achieve.
  • Usborne Books & More
    • Children’s books published by Usborne Books & More, focusing on titles and resources of particular interest to home school families for curriculum and subject supplement.
  • The Kids Book Barn
    • BOOKS. Reading develops your brain, provides a window into the world around you and helps you do better in all school subjects. Most importantly, reading can not only help you become a better student, but a better person. You can learn from the brightest people whenever and wherever you choose. As important as reading is did you know that: 800 million people around the world cannot read or write Many families (and some schools) have no books for children to read. There are likely many children and people in your town or city that fall into this group.
  • KINDERMUSIK with Susan Rowland
    • Music and movement classes for families with children newborn-8year olds Music instruction for school-agers too! Voice classes children 8-11yrs
  • Western Slope Bible Quizzing
    • This is a fun competition over a chosen passage of Scripture. With four or less members to a team, the teams compete using buzzers to determine who will answer the questions and score points. Some verses, selected from the passage, are to be memorized for quoting but fifteen of the twenty questions per quiz are interrogative questions regarding the passage.
  • Bella Vita Farm & Grand Valley Permaculture Groups
    • God created the earth & man to care for it. So how can we become better at taking care of the earth that He has given us? The study of Permaculture mimics the design in nature that God created using the appropriate technology of our day. It all begins with the soil just as Adam was birthed from it. It’s foundational to caring for the earth so it can care for us.
  • Scholarly Words, Inspired Minds
    • Courses and tutorial options for Advanced Academic Writing and Literature, Critical Thinking. Support classes for Reading and Math. A free grammar/writing review course for adults, particularly moms.
  • Queendom Quirks
    • Queendom Quirks is a Christian business designed to help mothers become proficient stewards of the gifts God has given them. It emphasizes the many tasks that every woman faces and develops a problem solving strategy where by each woman develops a plan that meets the unique challenges of her own family. Finally it develops communication and implementation skills for successful completion.
  • Mentor the Future
    • Mentor the Future is a business designed to help youth ages 14-19 obtain job experience by mentoring professionals within the community. Youth are required to create a cover letter, resume, interview and develop job ready skills. They are also expected to journal and summarize experiences. They will be matched to professionals within the community that understand the concept of mentoring as a hands-on learning experience.
  • Priceless Images Colorado
    • Photography for school pictures and senior pictures.

For those selling, swapping or giving:
For those wanting to sell, swap or give away curriculum and books, please reserve a table and understand that space is limited. When reserving a table, please let me know if you want a full table or half a table. Sell tables are standard 8’ long tables, free/swap tables are 8’ round tables. There will be NO specific free table this year, so if you have items to give away, then you may participate in the used book swap area but you are responsible to take away any items that you are unable to give away. If you have both, items to give away and items to sell, then you may offer them for free at your sale table or see if you can add those free items to someone’s swap table in the swap area. Everyone will be required to take away all of their items after the fair. Tables are free to reserve; however donations for a love offering are greatly desired to show our thanks to Monument View Bible Church for the use of the facility.

All tables are reserved, but if you want to be on the waitlist click on this link!

For Vendors of curriculum, coops and classes:
If you want to promote a homeschool curriculum, a coop, classes, organization, or a ministry which offers something to the homeschooler, you are welcome to request an application to be a vendor during the fair. Once approved, a vendor time and/or small table space will be reserved for you. The vendor time will be a 20 minute time slot in a designated location that you can talk about what you have to offer the homeschool community. There will be a schedule of when your time will be. The table space will be 1/3 of an 8’ table for you to put information on about what you have to offer (e.g. brochures, class schedules, fees etc.). Please understand that vendor time and tables are limited. Vendor time and tables are free once approved, however a donations for a love offering are greatly desired to show our thanks to Monument View Bible Church for the use of the facility.

There are no more vendor spots available.

For Young Entrepreneurs:
If you are in K-12 and you would like to sell items or advertise a service at the fair you are welcome to do so. You can either reserve a half table or sell it at your parents table. If you want your own table, please reserve one and understand that you will only get ½ of a 8’ table space. Tables are free to reserve, however a donation for a love offering are greatly desired to show our thanks to Monument View Bible Church for the use of the facility.

All tables are reserved, but if you want to be on the waitlist click on this link!

Each family will be responsible for cleaning up their table and area around their table.

To be put on the waitlist go to the following forms:
Fill out the Table Reservation Form if you want to sell, swap, and/or give away items at the curriculum fair.
Fill out the Table Reservation Form if you are a Young Entrepreneur and would like to sell your wares or promote your business at your own 1/2 table.
There are no more vendor spots available.

Monument View Bible Church is located at
1173 17 1/2 Road (N. Maple Street), Fruita, CO 81521