Behavior Guidelines For Spice Activities

We are first and foremost ambassadors for Christ, and second, servants and equippers to home educators. Consequently, our words and actions in public give powerful witness of our Lord and His supreme calling to the upbringing of our children. Because of our goal to present a powerful and positive witness for Christ and homeschoolers in general, it is our desire to establish and follow these guidelines as a Code of Conduct for SPICE functions.

SPICE-endorsed functions are for subscribers, but guests may attend with the understanding that the guest’s conduct is the responsibility of the subscriber who invited the guest.

Unless specifically stated, a parent is required to attend all functions or designate another adult to supervise his/her children; in the latter case, the parent must make sure his/her children are in the adult’s care before leaving the activity. The activity leader must be notified by the parent if another adult will be in charge of his/her children.

SPICE expects our behavior to reflect Matthew 7:12 “Do for others what you want them to do for you.” Accordingly, SPICE expects all members to show respect to others by word and actions. We, as adults and children alike, will show honor and respect for others by:

1. giving leaders and speakers our full attention.
2. saving conversation with others until after the activity.
3. children refraining from running inside any buildings, making unnecessary noise, climbing on furniture, playing with property belonging to others. (Any damages incurred will be the responsibility of the parent).