Homeschool Curriculum Library Grand Junction

The Homeschool Curriculum Library (HCL) is a wonderful resource for homeschooling families! It has a huge variety of math, social studies, science, philosophy, and language arts from preschool through adulthood. There are specific curriculum books as well as “real” books.

Location: The HCL is currently being housed in a private garage in Downtown Grand Junction. For security and privacy purposes the library is not open to the public, and a “Little Library” style book box allows for people to pick up requested books and drop off books.

Phone: Ann Hartter, (970) 257-7354

Hours: Starting the first week in April, the Homeschool Library will be having Open Houses on most Fridays from 3-4:30pm for anyone to come look or drop off books.

Website: and on Facebook

General Info: So why would you use the HCL if you already have the public library? The HCL has resources that the public library does not have. It has more “school book” choices and you may keep the books as long as you need them; there is no time-limit. It is best to think of the HCL as the Netflix of books. General requests like “high school biology” will have more options than something specific, like “Apologia Biology,” but if you do need a specific book, don’t be afraid to ask. We may just have it! You can peruse all of the books on a scheduled “Open Library” day or you may contact the HCL on Facebook and volunteers will look for you and place the options in the Book Box in the alley.

Extra: While the HCL is not a business, and has no income to provide for a permanent location or paid staff, if also does not have non-profit status. Obtaining non-profit status would allow families to receive tax deductions for donations and give the HCL a more official status. We will be having a novels-only book sale to raise the necessary funds (around $1,000) for the 501(c)(3) application and registration (lots of paperwork). We don’t have dates or times for the book sales yet, but we can keep you updated as they happen.
Supporting the HCL: Do you have school-related books or curriculum that you are not using and you think it someone else could make good use of it? Donate it to the library! Do you have book shelves that you no longer need? Donate! How about some groovy computer skills? Design us a website or a way to catalogue books on-line. You would be joining the delightful hodge-podge of well-meaning homeschoolers that have loaned space, given time, and donated books to provide a wonderful, free resource to local homeschooling families. Your help and donations can keep it going strong!

BONUS! If you still don’t find what you need, contact April Legge at (970) 549-4017, or via email at She helps to manage the used curriculum sale at the CHEC conference each year, along with the left-overs, and has many boxes of curriculum resources as well.