Homeschool Evaluators for the Western Slope

Homeschool evaluators work under the Colorado homeschool law to assess students academically. This is an option for parents to choose for their children instead of having a child take the standardized tests. These assessments must be done by someone who is either a certified teacher or has a Masters in Education.

For more information about homeschool evaluators you can check out this link.

Lynne Wolford

Lynne Wolford is a homeschool evaluator for the Grand Junction and Western Slope area. Lynne pulled her autistic teen out of public school in order to unschool and give her child a better education involving real life, raising chickens and interacting with as many people as possible. She holds a BS from the University of Dayton and a Masters in Education from Xavier University. Lynne likes to begin her evaluations with a personal phone call and then see what method of communication works best for both parties. Please call her to talk with her if you are interested in her services (970) 216-0326.